How To Explore My Website

How To Explore My Website 1

This is my digital home & personal website. I work in marketing, live in Atlanta, have done quite a few things in my short career, have an incredible family, and run this website instead of a social media presence. Read about me here.

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What To Read

Public posts are generally about underrated & unique things, experiences, links, etc that I’ve learned about.

I’ve had this site for 15+ years, and I don’t really delete stuff, so my thoughts, opinions, habits, etc may have changed.

Photos of stuff I take while out and about – like Instagram used to be.

Guides to doing stuff like hanging IKEA furniture & biking in Atlanta.

Lessons I’ve learned from trying & failing for 30 odd years.

Travel and recounting places I’ve been for work, leisure or adventure.

Opinions that I share even though I’m not a fan of the Internet trolls.

Interesting stuff I find but don’t want to share or submit to social media.

Events and recounting, well, events I’ve attended.

Books Reviews* that recount what I read and what I learned.

*my book reviews are more like broad summaries to help me remember what all I’ve read. I’ve used an LLM AI to summarize some of the books while I write what I liked / disliked / learned from it.

Outdoors and all things hiking, camping, canoeing & running.

Product Reviews where I write about items and companies and…stuff.

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Or keep browsing below to read my recent public posts.

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