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About This Website

What is here… Anything that’s not directly work related that I want to have a personal record of and that I think would be useful or interesting to people on the Internet. Mostly book and product reviews, personal experiences, and problems I’ve solved that you can’t find the solution anywhere else. The site is mostly for personal use, but also to force me to practice writing in public.

What is not here… Random opinion, family life, minutiae, facts you can easily find with a quick Google Search. Also, probably no amazing writing either. There’s no heavy editing or second drafts here.

Why this is here… because I love having a personal website…not just a social profile run by some giant corporation making money off your life moments and connections. I’m the kind of person who misses GeoCities, MySpace, and RSS feeds.

Who this is… I’m the Nate Shivar of Atlanta, GA. It’s not a common name…if you Google it, then you pretty much get all my profiles. Here’s all about me professionally and personally…


ShivarWeb Office

I run Shivar Consulting (incorporated as ShivarWeb LLC*) – a small marketing consulting & media company. I also run a range of online publishing projects and also do marketing consulting for some amazing clients. My main wheelhouse is search marketing with a focus on Technical SEO and Content Strategy, but I do a lot of fun marketing stuff.

*though, I no longer own or operate – I sold that site. Read about my company here.

In the past, I’ve done a lot of other things before my current business. The major career points are:

  • Nebo Agency – I was the Senior SEO Specialist at an (awesome) Atlanta, GA marketing agency.
  • Shivar Web Consulting – freelance marketing and web design. This business failed, and got re-founded as my current business.
  • UGA Campus Transit – drove buses & trained new drivers.
  • Shivar Brothers – random hustlin’ projects. All these failed, but I learned so much *doing* than reading.
  • Borders Bookstore – sold physical books.
  • 84 Lumber Company – sold building materials.
  • UGA Rec Sports Complex – supervised the UGA Intramural Fields.
  • Ash Plumbing – learned how to plumb.


Grant Park Skyline Bench

Stuff I Like

AT Nate+Jason+Matt

Here’s a random stream-of-consciousness list with no rhyme, reason, or limit….

The Philippines. Laoag City. Georgia. Atlanta, GA. University of Georgia. Hawks. Braves. Atlanta UnitedGlobeTrekker, especially Ian Wright. Parts Unknown. Arrested Development. The OfficeSherlock Holmes. Mad Men. Hell On Wheels. Atlanta. The Whigs. Grouplove. Bill Bryson. Erich Maria Remarque. Mohsin Hamid. Johnny Molloy. Mozilla. WordPress. National Parks. National Wilderness Preservation System. State Parks. Libraries. Hiking. Walking. Backpacking. Bike Commuting. Reading. International Affairs…and other stuff I highly recommend.

Stuff I Do

Here’s what I’m actively doing. Spending time with family and friends. Parenting. Reading books. Lots of books. Exploring Georgia. WalkingPlanespotting. Running Atlanta. Doing longdistance runs. Hiking. Backcountry Camping. Maps. Birding. Commuting by bike. Traveling. Visiting Every State Park in Georgia. Building websites. Marketing.


Due to parenting, personal, and business commitments (and horrible marketers ruining the party) – I’m pretty hard to get in touch with. However, I do love to hear from actual human readers. You can email me via

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