3 Reasons Why Community Recreation Centers Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Community Recreation Centers Are Underrated 1

Community rec centers are often overlooked – they get drowned out when their own (admittedly) poor hours & communication go up against sleek ads for Planet Fitness. But that’s not the end!

More Amenities Than You’d Expect

Sure, there’s no branding and sleek floors. But everything you need for fitness is at the rec center. I mean, all you really need to do is lift heavy things – so you should be set. But there’s more – walking tracks, basketball goals, fitness areas, sports leagues, etc, etc.

Cheaper & More Accessible Than You’d Expect

Guess who pays for those sleek Planet Fitness ads? You do when you get a membership. Guess who has already paid for recreation equipment? You and your community. Save money and use the rec center. Also, the rec center is open for everyone. It’s democratic and covers everyone.

Make It Better By Using It

Rec centers are better when there is a decent number of people coming and going. The activity makes it a lively community center. And everyone benefits when the rec center gets used. They play a crucial role in keeping the youths out of trouble and senior citizens out of the hospital.

Track down your local rec center, visit, and just give it a shot!

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