3 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Underrated 1

Podcasts are trendy but they are still underrated in so many ways.

Podcasts Are Like a Conversation…but Broadcast Anywhere

Conversations are the best format for human communication. But outside of the (gatekeeper) radio and TV mediums, they were always 1:1 or limited to small events. Podcasts allow you to listen to conversations between anyone, anywhere, anytime. It feels so natural when you are listening…but it’s insane that we can do it. Don’t take it for granted.

Podcasts Can Be Insanely Deep & Nuanced

Podcasts allow deep dives into random topics that just don’t work for video, text, or mainstream media. Anyone who has ever listened to a show like Fall of Civilizations or any interview format podcast can attest.

Podcasts Are Still Based on RSS & The Open Web

On an Internet where so many people and so many conversations are getting locked away in “walled gardens” (BOO Spotify’s money grab), podcasts are still trundling along using basic, open web technology like email, HTML, and RSS. Despite some platforms’ attempts (looking at you, Spotify, Audible, and YouTube), podcasts are still beautifully open.

Get a proper podcast app like PocketCasts or AntennaPod and keep open podcasting going!

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