Murder Creek

Murder Creek 1

Murder Creek is one of the last remaining examples of undisturbed, undeveloped bottomland forest in Georgia. It also has some of the only unlogged, old growth forest in the Georgia Piedmont. It flows through the Oconee National Forest. The publicly owned around Murder Creek was designated a Research Natural Area by the US Forest Service in the 1970s.

It’s also nearly impossible to find any information about the area on the Internet. Some of the best information comes from the Georgia Forest Watch. During the winter, I went down to check out the section recommended by the Georgia Forest Watch’s Mountain Treasures book.

It’s beautiful in its own way, but I’d highly recommend taking a trip down with a trained naturalist. Pants and long-sleeves are a must. Hiking during the summer would be rough.

*I’ve since checked out other middle Georgia public lands like the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, Kinnard Creek Trail, Burgess Mountain, Scull Shoals, and the Hitchiti Trail.

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