New office views.

After leaving Nebo to run my own business (again), I went searching for a small office space for a few reasons –

  1. Our new home in Grant Park was plenty big enough for living, but not necessarily for working.
  2. I have a young son who doesn’t quite get extended work periods yet.
  3. I like to work in concentrated blocks where I can get work done, then get home – no dragging work on for 8 hours when it should take 5.
  4. I worked for 2 years in an open-plan office that was not ideal for productivity.
  5. We live a 10 minute bike commute from Downtown Atlanta.
  6. Downtown Atlanta is awesome.
  7. I wanted to feel & act more like the legit business that I’m running. That’s a lesson learned from my first go at self-employment.

I checked out some co-working spots. They were interesting, but also reminded me too much of agency life.

I checked out some small offices around Intown Atlanta. They were either too old or too expensive or too bland & boring.

My search ended with the beautiful, historic Hurt Building overlooking Woodruff Park right in the heart of Downtown Atlanta.

The owners had renovated the 15th floor with a bunch of single & double office spaces meant for a small business like mine. It’s got a common area, services, fast internet & affordable rent.

And best of all – it’s got 15th floor views looking out on the City of Atlanta skyline. Fun times.

By Nate

I'm Nate Shivar - I live in Atlanta and love exploring the city, outdoors, books & Internet. Read about me, my Now page, or my work.

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