Looted by Donald Kirk

Looted by Donald Kirk

Looted: The Philippines After the Bases is a compelling exploration of the socio-political landscape of the Philippines following the withdrawal of American military bases in 1991 and 1992. Authored by veteran correspondent Donald Kirk, the book delves into the corruption that lurks beneath the surface of the country’s democratic facade.

Kirk leverages his extensive first-hand knowledge of the region to recount the aftermath of one of history’s greatest volcanic eruptions, which marked the beginning of a period of looting and exploitation. He provides detailed insights into the Philippine role in the stripdown of Clark Air Base and the subversion of Subic Bay to serve the ambitions of a single politician.

The book also offers a disturbing analysis of the efforts to resolve Muslim and communist revolts in the country. Simultaneously, it looks ahead to the promise – and danger – on new frontiers to the south and west. “Looted” is a provocative examination of an often overlooked country, providing readers with a stirring account that makes them feel like eyewitnesses to the events it analyzes.

What I Liked

I liked that someone covered this topic with such depth. I grew up in The Philippines and this was a huge event that I was mildly aware of, but as a kid, had zero idea about what was actually going on. This book was a good dive into this story.

I liked how the book is able to infer plenty of lessons for countries, politicians, and voters when public property and state partnerships are being negotiated.

What I Did Not Like

It’s a bit dense and very niche.

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