Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

The Daily Stoic is a daily devotional book that presents the ancient philosophy of Stoicism in a practical and actionable way. The book is organized around three core principles of Stoicism: perception, action, and will.

The author explains how we can deliberately improve the way we perceive the world and find opportunities in the obstacles we face. He also emphasizes the importance of taking action and developing the courage to do what is right, even in difficult situations. Finally, he explores the power of will and how we can learn to manage our thoughts, actions, and reactions.

The book is based on 366 meditations from ancient Stoic thinkers such as Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Each meditation is accompanied by a reflection and an exercise designed to help readers put Stoic principles into practice in their daily lives. The book is presented as a daily devotional, with each day focusing on a different theme related to Stoic philosophy.

What I Liked

Really good book. Well-paced and practical.

What I Did Not Like

Not a whole lot – I’m a fan of anything Ryan Holiday writes or recommends.

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