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Hidden Urban Trails | Riverbend Rd. Athens, GA Edition

I love the idea that even in the most urban areas – there are still really random trails to explore and use.

I’ve lived in the Riverbend Rd area of Athens, GA for 4 years – and only last week did I stumble across this really cool and useful trail up and down Riverbend Rd.

It runs parallel to the Athens Bypass and Riverbend Rd (which is super-hilly). The trail itself is quite narrow and rooty – but in good enough shape to run on. It’s well-shaded and is way better than trying to run on Riverbend – which might be possibly one of the Top 10 Worst Places to run in Athens, GA.

Here’s a Google map and photos from along the way…

View Hidden Athens Trails in a larger map

Along The Bypass and Riverbend Rd
Cross The Bypass Here For An Entrance To The I-Fields
Out Of The Woods Along Loop 10
You’d Never See It From The Bypass
Wooded Running Trail
Shaded Running
Hidden Urban Trail On Riverbend
Kinda Creepy That You’d Never Know
Downhill Trail
Downhill Running
Culvert Entrance For Riverbend Trail Athens GA
Would Be Amazing With Ice
Hidden Trail Entrance
Unassuming Trail Entrance

The trail was only about 1.5 miles – so I continued running. I decided to explore the old sewer plant on College Station Road – the source of the infamous ‘Poop on the Loop’ or ‘East Campus Stench’. It’s been replaced with new plant and a new bridge. Awful running environment, but neat to explore.

View of North Oconee River
View of North Oconee River
Looking North on North Oconee River
Oconee River, Take Away Our Sewage!
What Remains Of A Athens Sewer Plant
Remember The East Campus Stench? This Is What’s Left

Then, I ran back to the trailhead where I began…and was a total sucker for railroad shots.

Athens Railroad Under Bypass
Athens Railroad Under Bypass

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