3 Reasons Why Historical Landmarks Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Historical Landmarks Are Underrated 1

Historical landmarks are completely underrated. And not just historic sites, I’m talking about those random metal signs on the side of the road.

They Add Color & Context To Where You’re At

In too many parts of America, it’s easy to feel like you could be anywhere. Landmarks here and there are an interesting reminder that you are in a place.

Landmarks Place You In Time

It’s easy to forget that stuff has been going on for a long time before we ever came around and stuff will keep happening for a long time after we’re gone. Landmarks are that momentary, random reminder that today is really OK.

They Lead To Some Real Research Rabbit Holes

In a world of algorithms and memetic trends, it’s always good to “re-wild” your attention. Historical landmarks are a great place to start a Wikipedia deep dive into something truly different and interesting.

Start looking for landmarks and stop and read them once in a while.

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