3 Reasons Why Wildlife Refuges Are Underrated

Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge Lake 04 2019

Wildlife Refuges are not built for people…but we absolutely benefit.

Uncrowded Public Land

Shhhhh! Most people think to hike, fish, and explore state parks and National Parks…but few ever think to explore a Wildlife Refuge. They are true hidden gems. You’ll likely have it to yourself.

So Much Wildlife

No surprise, but there is usually a much higher density of wildlife on a Refuge than outside of it. It makes for incredible birding and wildlife spotting.

Unique Learning Opportunities

Every ranger I’ve ever spoken with at a Wildlife Refuge has been so incredibly helpful. The Refuges also usually have truly unique and fascinating museums and nature centers. 

Find a local National or State Wildlife Refuge and visit! Do note that some have visiting regulations and not all have facilities.

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