3 Reasons Why Public Pools Are Underrated

FDR State Park Pool

Public pools have a bad reputation in many circles in the US, at least. I don’t know why. They are a perfect public good.

Maintenance is done right, at the right cost

Pools are a maintenance nightmare. And the maintenance is mainly from the amount of water in the pool and environmental exposure. It makes soooo much more sense to have a public pool instead of a private pool.

In my city, we have free access to neighborhood pools from Memorial Day until Labor Day. It’s great! The kids get to swim and I don’t have to think once about chlorine levels or cleaning.


Drowning is grossly underestimated. It does not look like you think it looks like. It can happen to anyone and it happens fast. Public pools have people whose only job is to watch you not drown. Extra mega bonus if you are there with kids.

Better Exercise

Public pools are usually huge or indoors. Either way, it’s amazing for exercise. if it’s an outdoor pool, you can do proper Olympic length laps. You can swim instead of just doing flips in a small private pool. Also, if your city has a natatorium, you can mix up swimming all year round.

See if your city or county has a pool. If not, check for the YMCA.

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