3 Reasons Why Picnics Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Picnics Are Underrated 1

At every park around the country, there are thousands of picnic tables going unused and I have no idea why.

Picnics Are In a Place That You’ll Remember

It’s outside, with scenery, with fresh air, and context. It’s the opposite of everywhere else we eat – sterile, inside, manufactured, commercialized, bare.

You Can Eat and Just Be

There’s no commercial imperative to move along. There’s no bad distractions. There’s no time limit. There’s no rush.

You Can Be As Simple As Possible & Save Money

Sure, you can go nuts with a Pinterest-level picnic. But with a picnic, the place is just as important as the food. Be simple. Complexity kills good picnics. Picnics save tons of money vs eating out.

Eat a picnic somewhere.

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