4 Notes on Visiting F.D. Roosevelt State Park’s Liberty Bell Swimming Pool

4 Notes on Visiting F.D. Roosevelt State Park's Liberty Bell Swimming Pool 1

I got to check out the Historic Liberty Bell Swimming Pool at F.D. Roosevelt State Park last summer. Here are a few notes if you get to visit.

The Pool Is Unique & Lovely

Georgia State Parks has a lot of beaches and splash pads. But they don’t have many swimming pools. So it’s generally just cool to check out a swimming pool at a State Park.

But this one is really cool since it was actually overseen by President Franklin Roosevelt. He had a getaway home a few miles away and personally oversaw the CCC building of the pool for the surrounding community. CCC Projects were generally very high quality and have lasted for 90+ years, but this one is very well done. It’s nestled in small valley and fed by a spring coming off the mountain. The stonework is all hand laid. The setting is beautiful. There’s picnic areas, a grassy area for volleyball or pick up football. Unlike many city pools, there’s plenty of space to spread out and chill.

The Pool Is Literally Cool

The water comes straight from an actual natural spring in Pine Mountain. The water feels fresh and nice…but holy wow is it cold. Even on a sunny 90F day, the water is a bit of a shock. Like all pools though, your body gets used to it quickly. But it is like a reverse-sauna.

The Pool Is Historic…for Good & Bad

The pool was hand-dug and handmade. The deepest area is 7ft and the shallowest is 3ft. The kids pool is 2ft. There is no zero-entry, just a ledge.

All that said…it does not have the small safety designs of a modern pool. The hand cut stone will jab your feet and the pool edge is very slick. The depth is slightly unpredictable. Even with 4 very strict lifeguards on duty, I was extra mindful and careful with my kids.

The bathrooms and dressing rooms are…old. They are clean and functional. But you can tell that there’s no modern building codes going on.

The Pool Is Pricey…but Very Well Run

The pool in 2023 was $7 per person (there is a package if you are camping or cabining), which adds up quickly if you show up with the family. And that fee is on top of the State Park fee of $5 (or unlimited State Park pass).

However, they do have all the lifeguards, all the floats, safety equipment, bathrooms, showers, picnic areas, and decently priced snacks. The lifeguards are all well trained and supervised by the State Park. The pool vibe is chill and happy.

If you have a State Park pass and plan on making a day of it (or you are camping or cabining at the Park), it is well worth it.

There’s also a walking trail connecting the camping / cabin area to the pool area.

I plan on going back, especially since the Park itself is so accessible to Atlanta.

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