3 Reasons Why Local Community Events Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Local Community Events Are Underrated 1

I’m from Atlanta, where seemingly every little neighborhood has their annual community festival. And they are absolutely awesome…and totally underrated.

Community Events Are Usually Free

The ones in Atlanta are usually funded by local sponsors and beer sales. So showing up and walking around is totally free. It’s a no risk, no downside place to go and hang out.

Novel Food & Arts

I’m not a huge fan of food trucks or searching around for that perfect piece of art or trinket. But I do appreciate them when I get some really awesome Jamaican burger or neighborhood hat. And you can find both at your local neighborhood festival. They are hilariously awesome and super fun to just browse around.

It’s a Low Stakes Places to Be Around Other People (especially for parents)

Too many places and events are way too high stakes nowadays. Sporting events, going out to eat, Disney, vacations, etc – they all have too much money and time riding on them. There’s too much pressure.

Local community events are a perfect low-stakes place to hang out with other people in your neighborhood. And there’s extra bonus points for parents. It’s worth the walk and the heat. It’s easy to bail and there’s no marker of success. Just showing up is enough. 

If you have a local festival, go check it out this year. And if you don’t, find the most ridiculous, over the top one and check it out. It’ll be worth it.

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