3 Reasons Why Libraries Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Libraries Are Underrated 1

I love libraries and will never pass up a chance to visit. But I’m still finding out awesome things about my Atlanta-Fulton County Library System.

Libraries are a place to just exist.

There are not many places in this world where you can have a quiet space, heating / cooling, a chair, and free Wifi without being expected to pay up. Shoot, technically your own house doesn’t fit this description. A library does. There’s no buying a cup of coffee or paying a fee or whatever. It’s pure democracy. You can just, be. And that’s cool.

Libraries have wayyyy more free stuff than you think.

Yeah, yeah, you know about the books and maybe the free ebooks and the Wifi. But did you know about the business databases that usually costs $1000s of dollars per month? Did you know about the free gift codes for the New York Times on your own device? Did you know about free museum passes, the free journal access, etc, etc. They have free movies, TV shows, audiobook subscriptions, new releases, Ancestry.com access, etc, etc…Did you know…and on and on. It’s really incredible.

Libraries have paid employees who have the job…of helping you not pay for stuff.

Librarians are like reverse sales people. They are there to actively make sure you don’t pay for stuff. Looking for a job? Looking for reference material? Looking for a leg up on research? Looking for kids groups? Access to community groups? They are like human Google without the ads.

Go visit your local library. Use it. Vote for it. Don’t take it for granted.

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