3 Reasons Why Commuting by Bike Is Underrated

3 Reasons Why Commuting by Bike Is Underrated 1

Getting around on a bike is underrated and totally the future of smart transportation.

Most Trips Are Faster & More Accessible by Bike

Most trips are under 2 miles – that’s a 10 minute bike ride. But the real measure is “door to door” time. And on that measure, bikes are faster and more accessible than you’d think. Roll right up to the door and park.

You Experience The World More

Driving in a car is basically moving around in a sensory purgatory. You can’t give full attention to anything, really. On a bike, you are going fast enough to get places…but you’re also out in the world where you can notice things around you.

Exercise Is The Only Thing That’s Better When Multitasking

Longevity experts say that movement throughout the day is better than lots of exercise in a single period. Getting around on a bike perfectly solves that problem. It takes dead time and shifts it to movement time…without stealing from productive or play time.

Get a bike or ebike and just try switching one trip per week. You’ll get hooked (and save a ton of money).

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