Biking with Takeout

Biking with Takeout 1

Inspired by other cyclist’s transportation experiments, I’ve starting trying to carry a wider range of stuff on my bike.

I’ve done a grocery store run with my basket. I’ve done trips to the gym. And I’ve carried all sorts of stuff in my trusty Banjo Brothers saddlebags across the city in all sorts of weather including laptops, books, lunches, etc.

But oddly enough, I’ve never carried takeout. There’s just always been something about unsealed, heated food that made me naturally head to my car. I was afraid of spills, waste, and spoilage for some reason.

So this week, I decided to just go for it and bike the 2 mile round trip for some Thai food that included some Masaman Curry.

I stuffed the food into my front basket and took it easy coming home.

Overall, it was successful, even if I did have to pay a bit more attention to the road than if I’d been carrying a book. Either way, it made for a better and more memorable pick up run. Highly recommend.

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