How To Share YouTube Videos Privately (in the new YouTube Studio)

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YouTube is an amazing tool for sharing videos. Unlike Google Photos and Email, it has no limits on length or video size.

But it’s also imperative to keep personal videos locked down and private. Even Unlisted videos can leak out and spread around the Internet.

But YouTube has buried the option to share private videos deep in its new Creator Studio that is meant for public video creators rather than private video management.

Here’s how to share a private video on YouTube.

Step 1 – Keep it private (don’t use Unlisted)

Upload the video as a Private video. Never let it leave that setting.

Step 2 – Head to Your Videos in YouTube

Go to while signed into your YouTube account. Click on Videos.

Step 3 – Find the Video & Click to Edit

Share YouTube Videos Privately 2

Click on the little pencil icon beside the video you want to share.

Step 4 – Click the Dots & Share Privately

Share YouTube Videos Privately 3

On the top right of the video detail page, click the dots and select Share Privately.

Step 5 – Enter Who to Share the Video with

Share YouTube Videos Privately 4

Enter the email addresses you want to share with.

The email addresses need to match the account that people watch YouTube with. If you are having trouble, this is the step that messes people up.

Not everyone uses the same email to check their Gmail as they use to watch YouTube. Or, sometimes people stay signed out of YouTube or are signed in with a school / business account. Either way, when you share it with an email address, that email address needs to be attached to a YouTube account. Confirm with the people that you are sharing it with that it’s the right email.

That’s all!

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