Desire of The Everlasting Hills by Thomas Cahill

Desire of The Everlasting Hills

Desire of The Everlasting Hills is a historical narrative that explores the life and times of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Western civilization.

Through the eyes of those who knew him and in the context of his time, Thomas Cahill takes readers on a journey from Jesus’ birth to his execution. The book examines Jesus’ teachings and misinterpretations of them, shedding light on the struggles of the Jews to maintain their beliefs under overlords who imposed their worldview on them.

The main themes of the book include the oppressive Roman political presence, the pervasive Greek cultural influence, and the struggle of the Jews to maintain their beliefs.

The book also explores the life of Jesus as a real person, sharp-witted and sharp-tongued, but kind, humorous, and affectionate, shadowed by the inevitable climax of crucifixion, the cruelest form of execution ever devised by humankind. Mary, while not quite the “perpetual virgin” of popular piety, is a vivid presence and forceful influence on her son.

And the apostle Paul, the carrier of Jesus’ message and most important figure in the early Jesus movement (which became Christianity), finds rehabilitation in Cahill’s realistic, revealing portrait of him.

What I Liked

Cahill’s books are always well-written and interesting. I like how he covers topics where most Americans know the broad contours from school, but where he can go much more in depth.

What I Did Not Like

He’s not a professional historian, so he seems to take some facts a bit too far. But otherwise, the book is very engaging.

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