GA 400 Cycle & Pedestrian Underpass

Overpass Bridge

The Georgia DOT rebuilt the interchange between GA 400 and I-85. They added a couple of new flyovers.

GA 400 Cycle & Pedestrian Underpass 1

It’s been a great as a car driver, but there’s also a hidden gem for cyclists and pedestrians. Underneath the flyover on state owned property, they’ve built a nice gravel running path complete with bridges over several creeks to connect Chesire Bridge Rd with Lindbergh – and PATH 400 one day.

It’s nice, new, and worth a visit. I’m also a huge fan of the DOT setting aside a small percentage of a car project cost to support alternative transportation. The relatively small amount of money invested goes so far with alternative infrastructure, especially when you can build it at the same time as the car project.

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