7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners

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I’m a huge fan of Mangool’s SEO tool suite. They have incredibly cost-effective pricing, especially for small websites. I’ve been using SEO tools as a professional for 13+ years and I’ve been using Mangools for more than 5+ years. Here are the best use case to get your money’s worth for small website owners.

Disclosure – I’m a long-time customer & affiliate of Mangools. I get paid & you get a discount if you click the link before signing up (thank you!). Mangools is not for everyone. I use other SEO tools in addition to Mangools, but I hope this series can answer some basic questions based on my experience. The TL;DR is that they are awesome value for the money. Onwards!

Keyword Research by Domain with KWFinder

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 1

Have you ever wondered what keywords are bringing traffic to your competitors? With KWFinder’s domain search, you can uncover this goldmine of information. Simply enter a domain and the tool will present you with a list of keywords that the site ranks for, along with valuable metrics like search volume and keyword difficulty.

This capability is invaluable for reverse-engineering successful SEO strategies. By analyzing the keyword profiles of similar websites, you can identify gaps in your own content and opportunities to capture additional traffic. Plus, understanding the keyword landscape of your niche can help you refine your content strategy to better target your audience.

The actionable advice here is to prioritize keywords that have a high search volume but low competition, and that are relevant to your niche. This strategic approach can give you an edge in the SERPs and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Keyword Research by Seed Keyword with KWFinder

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 2

Starting with a seed keyword, KWFinder can help you expand your keyword list exponentially. Enter a relevant term and KWFinder will suggest a plethora of associated keywords, each with detailed insights on search trends, difficulty, and potential for your website.

This is particularly useful when you’re looking to create content around a specific topic but aren’t sure which angles to tackle. KWFinder’s suggestions can inspire new blog posts, FAQs, or product pages that align with what your audience is searching for.

Remember to leverage long-tail keywords, which often have lower competition and can attract highly targeted traffic. Selecting the right mix of seed keywords and long-tail variations can be the linchpin in a successful SEO campaign.

Link Opportunities Research with LinkMiner

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 3

LinkMiner is a powerful tool for uncovering backlink opportunities. By analyzing your competitors’ backlinks, you can identify websites that are likely to be receptive to linking to your content as well. This can help you build a robust backlink profile, which is crucial for SEO.

The tool provides insights into the strength of potential backlinks, helping you prioritize your outreach efforts. It’s not just about quantity; the quality of your backlinks matters greatly. Aim for those with high authority to improve your website’s trustworthiness and search ranking.

To put this into action, start by reaching out to the domains linking to your competitors with personalized pitches. Explain why your content would be a valuable addition to their resources, and you might just earn a backlink that boosts your SEO.

Rank Tracking (including Mobile & Local)

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 4

Tracking your rankings is essential to measure the success of your SEO efforts. Mangools’ rank tracker allows you to monitor your website’s position for specific keywords across different devices and locations. This is crucial in understanding how mobile and local searches impact your visibility.

With the shift towards mobile-first indexing, it’s more important than ever to ensure your site performs well on smartphones. Local SEO is also critical if you’re targeting a regional audience. Mangools helps you stay on top of these trends by providing detailed ranking reports.

Use this data to refine your SEO strategy. If you notice certain keywords are underperforming, it might be time to optimize your content or build more targeted backlinks. Always strive to improve your rankings in areas that show potential for growth.

On-Page Analysis with Chrome Extension

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 5

Mangools‘ Chrome extension offers a quick and convenient way to analyze the SEO health of any page. With a single click, you can access key on-page metrics, such as title tag, meta description, headings, and more. This instant audit can reveal areas for improvement on your own site or provide insights into competitors’ strategies.

On-page factors play a significant role in how search engines understand and rank your content. The extension helps ensure that your pages are optimized for both users and search engines. For example, you can check if your titles and descriptions are compelling and if your headings structure your content effectively.

As you browse the web, keep an eye out for on-page tactics used by top-ranking pages in your niche. Emulate the best practices you observe and avoid the pitfalls to enhance your site’s SEO performance.

Browsing for Opportunities with Chrome Extension

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 6

Beyond on-page analysis, Mangools‘ Chrome extension can also assist you in discovering new SEO opportunities as you browse the web. It provides real-time data on the SEO metrics of the sites you visit, which can be a source of inspiration or partnership opportunities.

You might come across guest posting opportunities, potential affiliates, or even untapped niches that align with your business goals. The extension offers a seamless way to integrate SEO research into your daily browsing habits.

Keep the extension enabled as you navigate the web, and when you spot a site with strong metrics in your field, consider reaching out for collaboration. These connections can lead to valuable SEO benefits down the line.

Finding SERP Competitors in SiteProfiler

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 7

SiteProfiler is Mangools’ tool for comprehensive website analysis. It helps you identify your SERP competitors by showing who else is ranking for your targeted keywords. Understanding who you’re up against can inform your content and SEO strategies, allowing you to make more data-driven decisions.

The tool provides a snapshot of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, you can tailor your approach to take advantage of opportunities they may be missing, or to double down on areas where they’re strong.

To leverage this feature, regularly analyze your top competitors and look for patterns in their success. Then, apply these insights to your own SEO strategy, always aiming to outperform them in key areas.

Leveraging Competitor Analysis for Strategic Insights

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 8

Competitor analysis is at the heart of any effective SEO strategy. With Mangools, you can go beyond the surface level and dive deep into your competitors’ tactics. This includes their content approach, keyword targeting, and backlink profile.

By understanding what’s working for them, you can adapt and improve upon their strategies for your own website. It’s not about copying, but rather about learning from the market leaders and applying those lessons to create a unique and powerful SEO plan.

Take the time to study the competition regularly. Note any shifts in their SEO approach and adapt accordingly. This proactive stance ensures you stay competitive and relevant in the ever-changing landscape of search.

Enhancing SEO Strategies with Mangools’ SEO Metrics

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 9

Mangools provides a suite of SEO metrics that can enhance your strategies significantly. Metrics such as Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), Citation Flow, and Trust Flow are all available at your fingertips. These indicators can help you assess the quality and potential impact of your pages and backlinks.

Understanding and utilizing these metrics allows you to make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts. For example, targeting websites with high DA for backlinks can improve your site’s authority.

Keep these metrics in mind when planning your SEO activities. They are a compass that can guide you towards the most beneficial strategies for your website’s growth and visibility.

Exploring Backlink Data for Outreach with SiteProfiler

7 Best Mangools SEO Use Cases for Small Website Owners 10

Lastly, SiteProfiler’s backlink analysis feature is a treasure trove for your outreach efforts. By examining the backlink profiles of industry leaders, you can identify potential link-building partners and understand the types of content that attract high-quality backlinks.

This insight is crucial for crafting your outreach messages and for creating content that is more likely to earn backlinks. It’s about aligning your efforts with proven success patterns within your industry.

When you find a promising backlink source, reach out with a personalized message that highlights the mutual benefit. Show them how linking to your content can add value to their audience and enhance their own content.

Mangools is a powerful ally for small website owners looking to up their SEO game. By understanding and leveraging these use cases, you can create a robust strategy that drives traffic and grows your online presence.

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