3 Reasons Why Birdwatching Is Underrated

Barn Owl

Birdwatching is completely underrated, even by enthusiasts.

Birdwatching Is Accessible At Any Level

You can look for the individuals who live around your house and create your own personal reality TV show or travel to remote areas to spot rare species. You can binge bird or say hello to your backyard friend. It’s your choice.

Birdwatching Is The Same & Always Changing

Birds respond to their daily environment and to the seasons. You have a nice mix of a predictable, calm routine while also being able to anticipate or be surprised by change. I know that every year in March, the Red Winged Blackbirds will show up. I was also surprised by the Cooper’s Hawk induced drama with the Blue Jays yesterday.

Birdwatching Is a Gateway into Science & The Entire Natural World

“Science” and “Nature” are too big and complicated to really get into. But birding can help you focus and branch out. For example, what are these tree species that the woodpeckers love? Why are the Robins always showing up in this yard, but not that yard? 

Go look out your window, wait, and spot & identify one species. Try the free Merlin App from Cornell University.

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