3 Reasons Why Public Domain Books Are Underrated

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

While Amazon and the book publishing industry are pushing the latest, greatest bestseller, there are more books in the public domain than you can possibly read in a lifetime.

Public Domain Books Are Increasingly Accessible

Between ereaders, online libraries, Google Books, the Gutenberg Project, Archive.org, and small projects like Standard eBooks, public domain books are everywhere, well-formatted, and free forever.

Public Domain Books Allow You To Do Anything

The copyright has expired. The author is dead. The culture is for all of humanity. If you fancy yourself a storyteller without a good start – grab a public domain and rework it for today! Use ChatGPT to change up the voice and style. Do anything you want!

Public Domain Books Are Not Just Fiction

There is a whole world of non-fiction public domain books. Sure, not all of them have aged well. But some have. Philosophy and Travel books are usually excellent. Cookbooks are interesting. But since they are all free and searchable. There’s no cost to explore!

Go find a public domain book today! I’m a fan of the Standard eBooks project.

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