These Gentle Hills by John Kollock

These Gentle Hills by John Kollock 1

These Gentle Hills is a captivating work by John Kollock that takes readers on a picturesque journey through the North Georgia mountains. The book is a celebration of the region’s serene landscapes, rich history, and architectural beauty, as seen through the eyes of the author. Kollock, who is not only the writer but also the illustrator of this piece, brings to life the essence of the Georgian hills with his evocative prose and detailed artwork.

The narrative is woven with personal reflections and historical insights, offering a deep appreciation for the area’s natural splendor and cultural heritage. Readers are treated to 95 pages of engaging text, complemented by 16 additional pages of full-color illustrations that capture the changing seasons and the light that bathes the hills in an array of colors. The black and white sketches interspersed throughout the book further accentuate the charm and character of the Georgian landscape.

What I Liked

I inherited this book from my Grandma, who had a connection to North Georgia. But it’s a lovely book that stands on it’s own. It’s out of print, but I think it still has a good circulation. The illustrations are lovely. And the text fills in a lot of gaps in the usual telling of the settlement & life in the North Georgia mountains.

What I Did Not Like

Not a whole lot – it’s a lovely book.

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