Ideas That Changed The World by Felix Armesto

Ideas That Changed The World by Felix Armesto 1

Ideas That Changed The World by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto is a thought-provoking overview of human history and philosophy that examines how important ideas have shaped civilization. The book covers a wide range of topics, from monotheism and women’s rights to the afterlife and taboo foods. The author offers an unashamedly personal analysis on a wide range of ideas and presents the big themes in philosophy and history.

The main themes of the book are the driving force behind change and progress, which are ideas. The book illustrates how our world has become what it is today by thinking and using imagination. The book covers over 175 of the world’s greatest ideas, which are explained in great understandable details. Each idea has recommended books to read for more understanding of the subject. Each idea also has modern and historical images relating to the idea.

What I Liked

Lovely reference book. It’s a great reminder that things do change – and many ideas are far more recent than you’d think. It also makes for a good supplemental school book for middle schoolers.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – it’s a solid reference book.

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