Baseball: A History by George Vecsey


Baseball: A History by George Vecsey is a comprehensive look at the history of America’s favorite pastime. It looks at the game from its origins in the 19th century to the modern era, and it includes stories of some of the greatest players and moments in baseball history.

The book covers the beginnings of baseball, including the development of the rules and regulations, the spread of the game throughout the country, and the rise of professional baseball. It also looks at the major events that have shaped the game, such as the integration of African-American players, the introduction of free agency, and the steroid scandal.

Vecsey also looks at the impact of the game on American culture, exploring how it has been used to promote patriotism and unity, while also being a platform for social change. He also examines the role of baseball in the global economy, showing how it has become an international business.

What I Liked

I’m a full on baseball fan, so this book was right in my wheelhouse.

What I Did Not Like

I was hoping for something as good as The Ball Is Round, but it didn’t quite hit that bar. Loved everything else though.

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