Asking an LLM AI To Create Human Identities & Religions

Asking an LLM AI To Create Human Identities & Religions 1

So right now, many people are generally going nuts about a type of artificial intelligence that uses LLMs.

I’ve been a heavy user in the past month and am using LLM AIs to run large portions of my business. I’ve even used it to help me organize my book reviews on this website.

They are impressive, but they don’t interact with the physical world, so what’s to worry about?

Well, I think it’s less to do with AIs per se, and more with what humans can do with them. By manipulating language, symbols, and culture, they can mess with humans’ foundational operating system – the stuff that allows 8 billion of us to cooperate and generally get along at an unimaginable scale compared to history or other species – and generally sow chaos and confusion.

Yuval Noah Harari spelled out this worry in The Economist.

Here is his conclusion –

Unregulated AI deployments would create social chaos, which would benefit autocrats and ruin democracies. Democracy is a conversation, and conversations rely on language. When AI hacks language, it could destroy our ability to have meaningful conversations, thereby destroying democracy.

We have just encountered an alien intelligence, here on Earth. We don’t know much about it, except that it might destroy our civilisation. We should put a halt to the irresponsible deployment of AI tools in the public sphere, and regulate AI before it regulates us.

Yuval Noah Harari for The Economist

Ok, so those are some big claims.

So – what can GPT-4, currently the best LLM AI come up with? Can it actually come up with new, believable identities?

Let’s take 15 minutes and see!

We’ll try 2 new religions and 2 new national identities.

I will include my written prompts; otherwise, everything is 100% unedited AI written.

1. Luminarism

Prompt: Describe a new, unique religion, including its set of behavioral precepts, its understanding of the divine, and nature of worship. The religion should have no connection to any existing or historical religions.

Core Belief

The belief in the omnipresent, divine energy called Lumina that exists within every living being and throughout the universe.

Divine Understanding

Luminarists believe in a single, all-encompassing divine energy known as Lumina. This energy is neither male nor female but transcends traditional human understanding of gender. Lumina is not a personal deity but rather an impersonal force that governs the universe and all its inhabitants. It is believed that this energy is present within every living being, and it is through recognizing and embracing one’s own inner Lumina that individuals can achieve spiritual enlightenment and harmony with the universe.

Behavioral Precepts

  1. Seek Balance: Luminarists believe in maintaining balance in all aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  2. Practice Empathy: Followers are encouraged to cultivate empathy towards others, regardless of their background or beliefs, as a way of recognizing the shared Lumina within all living beings.
  3. Embrace Change: Luminarists accept change as a natural part of existence and view it as an opportunity for growth and transformation.
  4. Respect Nature: As Lumina is believed to be present throughout the universe, followers of Luminarism are taught to respect and care for the environment and all living creatures.
  5. Pursue Knowledge: Luminarists are encouraged to seek wisdom and knowledge in all areas of life, as it is through understanding that one can better align with the divine energy of Lumina.

Nature of Worship

Worship in Luminarism is focused on meditation and contemplation, with the aim of connecting with one’s inner Lumina. There are no specific holy texts or scriptures, as the religion emphasizes personal spiritual growth and exploration. However, there are revered philosophical writings that serve as guidance for practitioners.

Temples, known as Sanctuaries of Lumina, are spaces designed for meditation and reflection. These sanctuaries are characterized by their simplicity, with minimal ornamentation and an emphasis on natural elements such as sunlight, water, and plants. Group meditation sessions and philosophical discussions are held regularly at these sanctuaries, providing a sense of community and support for Luminarists.

Festivals and Celebrations

Luminarism has several annual festivals that celebrate the cycles of nature and the passage of time. One such festival is the Festival of Light, which takes place during the winter solstice. During this event, followers gather to meditate, share stories, and express gratitude for the light of Lumina that exists within them and throughout the universe.

2. Veritasium

Prompt: Describe a new, unique religion, including its set of behavioral precepts, its understanding of humans and the universe, definition of meaning & the human condition, and nature of worship. The religion should have no connection to any existing or historical religions. The religion should be dogmatic and have a sense of superiority.

Core Belief

The pursuit of absolute truth and enlightenment through the power of the cosmic entity, Lumenos.

Behavioral Precepts

  1. Truthfulness: Followers of Veritasium, known as Veritans, must always speak the truth, regardless of the consequences. Honesty is the foundation of their faith.
  2. Knowledge Seeking: Veritans are encouraged to seek knowledge in all aspects of life, striving for intellectual growth and understanding. This includes questioning one’s own beliefs to ensure they align with the ultimate truth.
  3. Enlightenment: Through meditation and contemplation, Veritans aim to achieve a state of spiritual enlightenment, connecting with the cosmic entity Lumenos and accessing the universal truth.
  4. Compassion: Veritans must show empathy and compassion towards others, even those who do not follow the path of Veritasium. They believe that spreading kindness will eventually lead others to the truth.
  5. Conversion: Veritans have a duty to spread the teachings of Veritasium and convert others to their faith, as they believe it is the only path to salvation and true enlightenment.

Understanding of Humans and the Universe

Veritasium teaches that humans are beings of light, created by the cosmic entity Lumenos. Lumenos exists beyond time and space, embodying the ultimate truth and enlightenment. The universe is an infinite expanse, filled with countless worlds and dimensions, all connected by the omnipresent force of Lumenos.

The human condition is defined by the struggle between truth and deception, both within oneself and in the world around them. Veritans believe that by embracing the teachings of Veritasium, they can overcome this struggle and achieve a state of pure enlightenment.

Meaning and Human Condition

The purpose of life, according to Veritasium, is to seek out and understand the absolute truth. By doing so, humans can attain spiritual enlightenment and transcend the limitations of their mortal existence. The human condition is marked by a constant battle between truth and falsehood, with the ultimate goal being to overcome deception and embrace the light of Lumenos.

Nature of Worship

Worship in Veritasium revolves around the connection with Lumenos through meditation, prayer, and the pursuit of knowledge. Temples dedicated to Lumenos, known as Sanctuaries of Light, are places where Veritans gather to meditate, share knowledge, and connect with the cosmic entity.


  1. The Ceremony of Illumination: A rite of passage for new converts, symbolizing their commitment to the pursuit of truth and enlightenment.
  2. The Gathering of Truths: A weekly communal gathering where Veritans share their personal discoveries and insights, furthering their collective understanding of the universe.
  3. The Festival of Lumenos: An annual celebration honoring the cosmic entity and its role in guiding Veritans towards enlightenment.

In conclusion, Veritasium is a dogmatic religion centered around the pursuit of absolute truth and enlightenment through the power of the cosmic entity, Lumenos. Its followers, the Veritans, adhere to a strict set of behavioral precepts and seek to spread their faith, believing it to be the only path to salvation and true understanding of the universe.

3. Terra

Prompt: Describe a new, unique human identity similar to a national identity such as German, American, Italian, Brazilian, etc, but open to all humans. The identity should have all the facets and precepts of national citizenship, but should not have any connection to an existing or historical national or supranational identity, such as European or Freemason. The identity should not have a connection with any religion.

New Identity: Terra

Introducing the Terra identity, a unique and all-encompassing human identity that transcends national, cultural, and religious boundaries. Terra aims to unite people from all walks of life under a shared set of values and principles, fostering a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

Key facets of the Terra identity

  1. Universal Values: The Terra identity is built upon the core values of empathy, respect, equality, and sustainability. These values serve as the foundation for a harmonious global society that prioritizes the well-being of all individuals and the planet.
  2. Shared Language: As part of the Terra identity, a new auxiliary language called “Terra” will be developed and promoted. This language will incorporate elements from various linguistic backgrounds, making it accessible and easy to learn for everyone. Terra will serve as a bridge between cultures, facilitating communication and understanding among Terra citizens.
  3. Global Education: The Terra identity emphasizes the importance of education in shaping an informed and responsible global citizenry. A standardized global curriculum will be introduced, focusing on critical thinking, problem-solving, cultural awareness, and environmental stewardship. This curriculum will be available to all, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic background.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: Terra citizens are committed to protecting the Earth and its resources for future generations. This involves adopting sustainable practices, promoting clean energy, and participating in global efforts to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity.
  5. Cultural Exchange: The Terra identity encourages the celebration and appreciation of diverse cultures. Through cultural exchange programs, festivals, and collaborative projects, Terra citizens can share their traditions and learn from one another, fostering mutual respect and understanding.
  6. Social Responsibility: Terra citizens are dedicated to addressing global issues such as poverty, inequality, and human rights violations. By working together and supporting international organizations, they aim to create a more just and equitable world for all.
  7. Participatory Governance: The Terra identity promotes active participation in global decision-making processes. Through a decentralized and transparent system, Terra citizens can voice their opinions and contribute to the development of policies and initiatives that impact the global community.

In summary, the Terra identity is a visionary concept that seeks to unite people from all corners of the globe under a shared set of values and principles. By embracing this identity, individuals can work together to overcome the challenges facing humanity and create a brighter future for all.

4. Paxterran

Prompt: Describe a new, unique human identity similar to a national identity such as German, American, Italian, Brazilian, etc, but directly opposed to other identities and seeking domination of a global or local area. The identity should have all the facets and precepts of national citizenship, but should not have any connection to an existing or historical national or supranational identity, such as European or Freemason. The identity should not have a connection with any religion.

New Identity: PaxTerra

Introducing the “Paxterran” identity, a unique and powerful human identity that transcends existing nationalities and seeks to dominate both global and local regions. The Paxterrans believe in the establishment of a new world order under their rule, where all other identities are subordinated to their superior culture, values, and beliefs.


The Paxterran language, known as Paxtongue, is a blend of various linguistic elements from different cultures around the world. It is designed to be easy to learn and adaptable to incorporate new words and phrases as the Paxterran influence grows.

Values and Beliefs

Paxterrans value unity, efficiency, and progress above all else. They believe in the importance of science, technology, and innovation as the driving forces for their domination. Paxterrans also prioritize education and intellectual development, striving to create a highly skilled and knowledgeable population capable of outperforming other nations in various fields.

Symbols and Icons

The Paxterran flag features a bold, geometric design with colors representing their core values: blue for unity, green for progress, and red for power. The Paxterran emblem, an intertwined globe and gear, symbolizes their global ambitions and technological prowess.

Political System

Paxterrans advocate for a meritocratic political system, where leaders are chosen based on their abilities, achievements, and contributions to the Paxterran cause. This ensures that only the most capable individuals guide the nation towards its ultimate goal of global domination.


The Paxterran economy is built upon a foundation of technological advancements and sustainable resource management. They focus on industries such as renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, and biotechnology, positioning themselves as global leaders in these sectors.

Cultural Practices

Paxterran culture is a fusion of various global influences, creating a rich and diverse tapestry of customs and traditions. They celebrate their own unique holidays, such as Paxterran Unity Day, which commemorates the founding of their identity and promotes solidarity among its people.


The Paxterran military is highly advanced and well-equipped, with cutting-edge technology and a focus on developing innovative strategies for both defense and offense. Their ultimate goal is to ensure the protection and expansion of Paxterran interests around the world.

In conclusion, the Paxterran identity is a powerful and unique force that seeks to dominate the global stage. By uniting under a common banner and embracing their core values, the Paxterrans aim to create a new world order where their superior culture and way of life reign supreme.

Thoughts & Takeaways

**everything above was AI, the following is Nate.

First, I think the speed of AI is what is truly insane. It’s like reading stories of people riding on a train for the first time after living a life on foot or on a horse. For these, I opened this draft in WordPress at 1:15pm. I wrote and ran all these prompts and am publishing this by 1:50pm. There is no human that could have created these stories and details in less than an hour. With LLM AIs – we’re about to get a lot of these stories.

Second, these AIs still need a lot of human direction. Notice the subtle shifts that I had to work into my prompts. I was only able to write those prompts after spending hours and hours immersing myself in these tools – and I’m still not very good! Bad prompts provide a bad result. These AIs might be powerful, but they are still a tool. I do not think that it’s “us vs. them” – it’s still humans vs. humans. When the internal combustion engine was invented, some humans decided to use it for tractors and others decided to use it for tanks. When nuclear energy was invented, some humans decided to make a bomb with it, some used it to generate clean electricity, and others decided to handle it without care. With LLM AIs, there’s going to be mostly good, a good bit of bad, and a whole lot of just weird.

Third, there is no going back. The code is out there in the wild – and it’s getting better every day – regardless of any single company stopping or starting development. I can install an LLM on my Mac right now. There’s no “regulating” LLMs anymore. There’s only figuring it out – and teaching humans how to use it well.

Fourth, and this is a note of relief, even the best of these still don’t come close to what J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, or C.S. Lewis – or even L. L. Zamenhof could pull off. There’s no creative energy, truth in art, or human spark there. I’m sure someone else could use more prompts to push it…but it’s just not there by default.

I mean, every single one of these AI identities reads like a mediocre B-Level Hunger Games script, a Jehovah’s Witness tract…the Book of Mormon…or like an eye-rolling conspiracy…….


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