3 Reasons Why Spreadsheets Are Underrated

3 Reasons Why Spreadsheets Are Underrated 1

I’m pretty sure most of my career success is because I know more about spreadsheets than my coworkers or clients. Spreadsheets can change your life.

A Few Formulas & Actions Go a Long Way

If you can learn concatenate, vlookup, paste special, and filters…you can go a long ways. Once you get your data in a spreadsheet, you can always manipulate it. It’s just a matter of creativity and finding the right formula.

Spreadsheets Improve Your Whole Life

My wife keeps our meal ideas in a spreadsheet. I keep ideas in a spreadsheet. My backpacking checklist is a spreadsheet. My notes are in a spreadsheet. Once data is in a spreadsheet – you can manipulate it, change it, edit it, implement it, move it to another place all so easily.

Spreadsheets Are Job Security

The world is held together with spreadsheets. I’m not even kidding. But given how important they are…so few people truly know how to use them.

If you are the only employee or freelancer who knows how to do VLOOKUP on a company’s internal spreadsheet…guess who will never be laid off

Learn spreadsheets. And forget buying Excel. Just use the free Google Sheets and save Excel until you need to work with hundreds of thousands of rows. The formulas are all the same anyway.

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