Visiting Skidaway Island State Park

Sunset viewed from the observation tower at Skidaway Island State Park, GA.

While staying at Fort McAllister State Park, we got to take a day trip to Skidaway Island State Park. Here are a few things I noticed during our couple-hour visit.

Near Savannah

First, it is in an urban area and surprisingly close to Savannah. The park could almost be more like a city park, except for its size. It is right off a main highway near Savannah and near a heavily trafficked waterway.

Visiting Skidaway Island State Park 1

I was surprised at how close apartment buildings, shopping centers, and everything like that was to the state park. So, even though the state park itself has a very quiet and peaceful feel, you can definitely tell that it’s in an urban area. In some ways, it reminded me of Panola Mountain State Park.

Trail Density

Visiting Skidaway Island State Park 2

Second, it has a surprising number of trails given its size. It is not a very big park, and most of it is estuary, marshes, wetlands. So, to have so many well-maintained trails was interesting and good to see.

Extensive Campground

Third, it has a truly enormous campground. I mean, the campground just kept going and going and going. Most of the spaces are meant for RVs and big rig trailers, but honestly, the campground is so big, I think it would be possible to carve out your own space if you were tent camping.

Historic Site Proximity and Visitor Center

Lastly, it is incredibly close to the Wormsloe State Historic Site, so it’s really nice to pair them both and sort of get a full tour of the Georgia coast in one day. And lastly, I love that they have a new visitor center. It’s definitely the biggest visitor center I’ve ever been to at any state park, and I’m all for the state of Georgia continuing to invest in their state parks.

So, if you’re in Savannah, Skidaway is absolutely worth a visit. It’s a nice way to get out of the city without having to leave the city or drive too far.

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