A Year of Biblical Womanhood by Rachel Held Evans


A Year of Biblical Womanhood is a book about exploring what it means to be a woman according to the Scriptures. The author, Rachel Held Evans, embarks on a year-long journey of following and practicing every rule in the Old and New Testaments. She focuses on virtues like domesticity, obedience, beauty, submission, and grace, and develops a “Biblical Woman’s Ten Commandments” to serve as a guide for daily living.

Throughout the book, Evans works to prove that the Bible is not without error and therefore cannot be applied literally. She interviews a wide range of people from different faiths and traditions, and her rituals are often from the Jewish tradition. Her book does not draw from purely an evangelical, or even distinctly Christian, perspective.

What I Liked

Hilarious but thoughtful book. It was funny, entertaining, and deeply thought provoking book about contemporary American Christian culture. Reminded me of Rapture Ready and, of course, all of Rachel Held Evan’s other work. It could be a sequel to AJ Jacobs’ “Year of Living Biblically“. Also, the author was an amazing person, writer, and thinker who passed away much, much too early.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – great read.

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