Finding That Perfect Novel with NoveList Plus

Novelist Plus

NoveList Plus is an incredible tool that I found on my library’s website. It allows you to search & compare novels based on tone, feel, plot, character, and a whole range of attributes.

It also has a “lookalike” search where you can tell it a novel that you love and it will go and find a “lookalike” novel.

I love reading a good novel, but also find it daunting to start and stop a bunch of them just to find one that resonates. Outside of searching through historical book award lists and just reading the same author over and over, I’ve found this tool to be invaluable.

In Georgia, you can access it via GALILEO on your computer with your library system’s GALILEO password.

Finding That Perfect Novel with NoveList Plus 1

Outside of Georgia, you can likely find it on your library’s website bundled with EBSCOhost’s digital products. Highly recommend.

Oh – and it’s free to access!

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