Atlanta Scenes by Images of America

Atlanta Scenes Images of America

Atlanta Scenes is a photojournalism book that documents the rich and fascinating history of Atlanta, the capital of the New South. The authors draw from the works of some of the city’s earliest and finest photojournalists to bring the city’s history to life.

The book covers noteworthy events, personalities, and landmarks, ranging from everyday scenes like baseball games at Ponce de Leon Ballpark and boys on bicycles to eventful scenes like the Gone with the Wind premiere, the deadly Winecoff Hotel fire, and the infamous Leo Frank trial. The images reflect the iconography of the Old South and provide insight into the harsh realities of twentieth-century life.

What I Liked

I live in Atlanta, so it’s fascinating to see current day places in historical context. It’s also the city that my grandparents passed through or lived in, so it’s interesting to see the city as it was then.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – great little book.

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