North Georgia’s Dixie Highway by Images of America

North Georgia Dixie Highway Images of America

North Georgia’s Dixie Highway by Images of America is a book that traces the development of the tourism route, the growth of businesses serving the visitors, and the evolution of the tufted bedspread into the modern tufted carpet industry.

The book takes readers on a journey through the first interstate highway to link the American South to the urban North, which was conceived as a tourism route. Local communities lobbied the Dixie Highway Association for a place on the route, a chance to show off local attractions, and for a piece of the economic action.

The highway drew visitors to natural wonders, Native American historic sites, and Civil War battlefields. Local entrepreneurs built tourist courts, cabins, inns, and motels and opened hot dog stands, diners, and restaurants. Car dealerships, filling posts, and service stations accommodated the nascent automobile. Resourceful men and women sold farm produce and local handiworks at roadside markets.

What I Liked

I love, love old photos, especially of the American South.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – fascinating book.

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