America’s Hiking Trails by Karen Berger

America's Great Hiking Trails

America’s Hiking Trails is a lavishly illustrated celebration of more than 50,000 miles of America’s most iconic trails. The book takes the reader through forty-nine states and eight national parks, celebrating the forty most important trails in America. The author, Karen Berger, explores what makes a hiking trail “great” and “iconic” by describing the essence of what makes each national scenic trail unique.

The book focuses on the three longest trails in the United States, known as the Triple Crown: The Appalachian Trail (~2,184 miles), the Pacific Crest Trail (~2,654 miles), and the Continental Divide Trail (~3,100 miles).

Berger provides useful information for those planning to hike any of these trails, including shorter hikes for those less inclined to set off on a 6-month thru-hike.

The book is recommended for people who are not in the immediate stages of planning a thru hike, as it provides general information and a sample feel of each hike. However, specific books on each individual trail are recommended for serious hikers planning a hike in the near future.

What I Liked

Everything – the topic is amazing. The photography is beautiful. And the text is eye-opening and engaging. It’s one of the best reference books I own.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – amazing book.

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