Curse of Saints by Kate Dramis

Curse of Saints by Kate Dramis 1

Curse of Saints by Kate Dramis is a captivating debut novel that marks the beginning of an entire trilogy that Kate has planned.

The story unfolds in a kingdom teeming with Visya’s, individuals endowed with raw, god-like magic. The narrative primarily revolves around Aya, a Spymaster and one of the most potent Visyas in the country. As the Queen’s third-in-command, Aya is bound by a blood oath to protect those she fights alongside, including her bitter rival, Will, the Queen’s Enforcer.

The plot thickens when rumors of dark magic start circulating in a neighboring kingdom, prompting Aya and Will to investigate. However, Aya’s power begins to act beyond her gods-given affinity, putting her at risk of becoming a weapon in a war she doesn’t know how to win. This unexpected surge of power forces Aya to confront an impossible truth about who or what she really is.

At its core, “Curse of Saints” explores themes of love, duty, faith, and the struggle of letting others in to reveal our true selves. The book also delves into the enemies-to-lovers trope, creating a chemistry between Aya and Will.

What I Liked

I’m good friends with the author! And I’ve never been able to read a published book that close friend or family has written. And I highly recommend it!

I’ve never been into fantasy genre (the closest I’ve gotten is Chronicles of Narnia and His Dark Materials), but I have a new appreciation for the genre. There is so much you can do with plot and character development in a world like Curse of the Saints. It’s awesome and worthwhile.

What I Did Not Like

Not a whole lot – there are definitely genre devices that I had to look up (or was just not familiar with ), but that was less about the book and more about the fantasy genre as a whole.

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