Religion War by Scott Adams

Religion War by Scott Adams

The Religion War is a sequel to God’s Debris, and it takes place right before the last chapter of that book. The story is set in 2040 and describes a civilizational conflict between a violent caliphate in the Middle East and a Christian alliance in the West.

The smartest man in the world steps between international leaders to prevent a catastrophic confrontation between Christianity and Islam. The parallels between where we are today and where we could be in the near future are clear.

The book targets bright readers with short attention spans, including lazy students and busy book clubs. It’s packed with concepts that will be discussed long after, including a list of “Questions to Ponder in the Shower” that reinforce the story’s purpose of highlighting the most important yet most ignored questions in the world.

What I Liked

It’s a very different kind of book. Interesting read.

What I Did Not Like

The book is a little too quirky and meta in parts.

Also – I have to mention that I’m actually getting around to finishing this review in 2023 (I read the book 15+ years ago). This book is a prime example of why I like to refer to books rather than authors. The author of this book has truly gone off the deep end in the last 3 years. It’s quite sad. But that happens quite often to art. And it can be hard to separate the art from the artist (e.g. The Cosby Show). I don’t know where the line is, but I still think most work can be appreciated on their own. That goes for this book.

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