War For Children’s Minds by Stephen Law

War For Children’s Minds

War For Children’s Minds is a book that examines the legacy of the Enlightenment as it pertains to the education and parenting of children. The author argues that children should learn about right and wrong, and respect for others, but that their education should be grounded in the hard-won values of the Enlightenment.

The book presents a compelling argument for a liberal approach to moral education, an education rooted in philosophy, not authority.
The ongoing debate between two opposing traditions of how to raise good people is discussed in this book.

Parents, teachers, and policymakers constantly find themselves confronted by the question of how liberal or authoritarian they should be. The book defends an increasingly unfashionable position that we should be very liberal indeed in our approach to moral education. It makes a case for a particular kind of liberal moral education, an education rooted in philosophy, not authority.

What I Liked

Brilliant book for any parent reading up on education and education options. It’s hard to raise free thinking, independent kids in the modern world, but this book has an excellent framework for thinking about it.

What I Did Not Like

It’s a bit strident at times (ironically).

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