Do The Work by Steven Pressfield Book Review

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield Book Review

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield is not a book based on any kind of science of motivation, psychology, or behavioral science. It is also not a a piece of traditional Tony Robbins or Napoleon Hill type positive thinking inspirational type book.

It was something very different, and actually quite a useful read.

I picked up the book for 2 very simple reasons. First, the Kindle version was free for Amazon Prime users, so that’s always good. And second, it was part of Seth Godin’s Domino Project. I had been fan of the last Domino Project book I had read, so I figured I’d have a go at another.

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield revolves around 1 thing – (surprise!) actually doing the work that you plan to do. It’s primarily aimed at creatives and anyone who faces a blank page, canvas, or landscape as part of their day – or as part of their calling.

His goal for the book is to provide an emotional boost to combat the “resistance” – what behavioral scientists would call your expectancy, and what more plain speaking people would call your reason to procrastinate.

He does approach the problem of overcoming procrastination and over-planning through emotional polemics usually seen in Tony Robbins type material – but with zero focus on the thinking and dreaming and 100% focus on the actual doing, and the virtuous cycle that actually doing a project creates.

The book was very much worth the time spent on it. It’s very well-written. It got the right response from me (seen in writing the book review in record time after finishing it). It’s main appeal, though, is for people who aren’t fans of positive thinking, but do enjoy a shift in emotional gears occasionally from drier, but much more helpful books on behavioral science. In fact, I think that this book would make an excellent book duo with The Procrastination Equation.

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