Impossible To Ignore by Carmen Simon

Impossible To Ignore

Impossible To Ignore by Carmen Simon is a groundbreaking approach to creating memorable messages that are easy to process, hard to forget, and impossible to ignore.

The main premise of the book is that the most important key to business success is to influence other people’s memory. While most people are concerned about their own memories, Simon argues that what matters most is influencing the memories of others.

The book provides readers with an easy-to-follow instruction manual for getting attention, being memorable, and influencing others. It covers topics such as learning game AI programming, early language development, a history of US, acculturation, psychology, preservation of learning, topics in cognitive science, the literary mind, and the great acceleration.

Impossible To Ignore is an insightful book that provides readers with useful strategies for creating memorable content that will influence decisions. It is a must-read for anyone looking to make an impact in the business world.

What I Liked

I liked that it’s well-structured and meant for team discussion, especially at an agency or corporate team.

What I Did Not Like

It’s very corporate and honestly pretty boring (ironically). I would not read it unless I was in a group trying to get on the same direction about building content campaigns.

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