We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider

We Learn Nothing

We Learn Nothing is a collection of autobiographical essays that explore the human condition through the lens of personal triumphs and failures.

The book is centered around key questions such as what it means to have a near-death experience and how it changes us, why we fall in love with people who are bad for us, and how we deal with the contingency of our own lives.

The author, Tim Kreider, uses his unique, quirky, and introspective voice to offer keen insights on what it means to be human. He weaves together compelling and poignant narratives that draw readers into his world and offer lessons for us all to learn. Kreider’s writing style is breezy and easily accessible, although some stories may be brash and unrefined in places.

The book serves as an earnest reflection of the difficulty of being human and navigating the messy and complex relationships between one another. It offers a wide range of options for the reader, from stories that will make you laugh to those that will stir deep-seated emotions. Ultimately, We Learn Nothing is a pleasure to read from its first page to the last.

What I Liked

The book was thought-provoking and interesting to read. I thought it pulled off the collection of essays format well.

What I Did Not Like

I felt like this book was hyped and blurbed a lot. I don’t think it lived up to the hype.

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