Stocks for the Long Run by Jeremy Siegel

Stocks for the Long Run

Stocks for the Long Run is a comprehensive guide to investing in the stock market. The book covers the basic principles of investing in securities on the money market, as well as information on how to trade successfully and find winning stocks. The author explores how we can make wise investment decisions, pick winning stocks, and focus on the long-term rewards in the market.

The book delves into the subject of investing and the implications that come with picking securities, whether they’re stocks, bonds, or commodities, having in mind the generally higher returns of stocks over the years and how to build a balanced portfolio that can face times of crisis. The author argues that stocks are less risky than bonds and that investors should keep their money invested in ETFs and find value stocks.

What I Liked

I loved this book. Of all the investments out in the world, I am very partial to the stock market. I love that it’s investing in people & innovation rather than in physical resources. I love that this book has the data to back it up. Real estate, debt, and natural resources are great and all…but companies are where it’s at for someone looking to grow their wealth (obv different for someone older looking to preserve wealth).

What I Did Not Like

It’s a bit academic and long.

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