The Narrow Road By Felix Dennis

The Narrow Road

The Narrow Road is a brief guide to getting money written by one of Britain’s wealthiest self-made entrepreneurs, Felix Dennis. In this book, he shares 88 tips for starting a business and becoming rich. The author tells his engaging story of how he started a media empire and became one of the wealthiest men in Britain without any formal training or college degree.

The book covers various themes such as the importance of talent, commitment, preparation, and discipline in achieving success. It emphasizes the need to identify, nurture, reward, and protect talent. The author also stresses the significance of being prepared to do the heavy lifting and homework in advance, remaining alert enough to spot a lucky opportunity when it arrives, and hammering at it with prepared intensity.

The book highlights the importance of cash flow, monitoring it, and failure to do so being the source of most startup failures. It also emphasizes the need to remain mentally and physically fit, face up to swiftly changing realities on the ground, and not fall in love with any project.

What I Liked

Everything! Even though I liked the first book How To Get Rich better, this one adds a lot more color and tactics. I loved how concise this guy is and how he’s the actual real-deal. It’s rare to have a good business person who is also good at accumulating personal wealth who is also good at writing. Love it.

What I Did Not Like

Not a whole lot – excellent book.

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