Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt

Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers is a Western novel set in the American West in 1851. The story follows the notorious assassin brothers, Eli and Charlie Sisters, who are hired guns for the mysterious Commodore. Their current assignment is to kill Hermann Kermit Warm because the Commodore claims he has stolen something that belongs to him.

The primary plot throughout the novel is that of good versus evil, with the contract killers representing the evil side and Warm representing the good side.

The main themes of the book include goodness, loyalty, greed, capitalism, and testosterone. The Western symbolism in The Sisters Brothers seems evident at first, with Warm and Morris representing the advancement of civilization, while the Sisters remain symbolic of the barbarous Wild West that must be tamed.

What I Liked

Solid read – good novel. Loved the setting.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – worthwhile.

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