Suburban Gospel by Mark Beaver

Suburban Gospel

Suburban Gospel is a memoir by Mark Beaver that chronicles his upbringing in a distant Atlanta suburb under the strict oversight of his evangelical parents.

The book explores the complexities of adolescent heartache, friendship, and the pain that accompanies teens’ gradual detachment from family and home. The author presents a funny and tender memoir of an Evangelical upbringing in 1980s Atlanta sprawl.

The book is a relatable story about identity, family identity, Southern identity, and the dicey matter of reconciling one’s faith identity as one comes of age. The author manages to render distinct the homogeneity of the suburban landscape, not to mention its cultural import, especially where the phenomena of integration and “white flight” are concerned.

Suburban Gospel is a coming-of-age story that captures those moments and universal emotions and pop culture touchstones that we can all relate to. The book is a raw and honest portrayal of adolescent yearning, sometimes crude, and never dialed back.

What I Liked

Everything – this is one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. It perfectly captures a place and culture in time. Loved every bit of it.

What I Did Not Like

Nothing – amazing work.

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