How I Saved An Hour Per Day by Customizing My Phone

Phone Time Before

There’s an old adage that says “what gets measured gets managed” – ie, you can’t manage a problem until you measure it.

I had this vague sense that I did not use my phone time wisely. But I could never put my finger on the exact problem. I’m pretty good about keeping distracting apps off my phone, but I still thought there was an issue.

I use Rescuetime for my work Mac. It’s great. It discreetly and automatically tracks all usage. I thought I’d install it on my phone for a week.

Here’s my results after a month.

Phone Time Before

Wow. Not what I wanted. I spent 2h 4m per day on my phone…looking at something on Chrome browser?

Time to disable Chrome browser. If you are on Android – you can do that.

Disabling my browser led to exactly 3 inconveniences during the week.

But what it gave back was a full hour per day.

Here’s proof.

Phone Time After

It also led to an increase in Kindle usage – which my rational self approves.

Either way – it was good to measure the actual problem, then go in an customize my phone to solve the issue rather than living with the vague sense of “being on my phone all the time.”

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