Formula for Consistently Prompting ChatGPT (or Any LLM AI)

Formula for Consistently Prompting ChatGPT (or Any LLM AI) 1

I’ve been using ChatGPT a lot in the last year. I feel like humanity was given an internal combustion engine with no instruction manual. Since it can do almost anything, most people use it for nothing. There’s no standard way to use it for basic everyday tasks. Most people revving it, giving up, and going back to pre-LLM work.

However, it seems like myself and many others have come up with sort of a “best practices” prompt that generates consistent, high-quality results for everyday tasks. It’s the “4-stroke engine” of the AI world (there’s even a builder for it). Here is the template.

Act like a [Specify a role],
I need a [What do you need?],
you will [Enter a task],
in the process, you should [Enter details],
please [Enter exclusion],
input the final result in a [Select a format],
here is an example: [Enter an example]

Prompt Builder

Here’s an example with all the sections filled out.

Act like a Seasoned Teacher, I need a lesson plan template for Georgia Education Standard ELAGSE1RL6, you will Generate a Lesson plan template with specific examples, materials, and differentiation strategies., in the process, you should Make sure the formatting is correct and the teaching materials are relevant, input the final result in a Markdown code.

One you’ve played around with all the variables, you’ll be able to see how the specific directions can improve the results. It works even better if you subscribe and get GPT-4, which is much better at reasoning than the free ChatGPT 3.5 (which can be good still at summarizing and ideation).

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