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Office Setup

When I left Nebo, I got to outfit an office for the first time.

In my last stint of self-employment, I made do with a standing desk in the bedroom and borrowing study rooms at the University of Georgia.

This time around, I wanted something more permanent, but also purely functional. Somewhere that said “it’s time to work and get home” while still pleasant and comfortable.

I loved this minimalist approach of only adding as you need things, instead of outfitting everything at once. In this photo, I’ve got a –

15″ MacBook Pro Retina – because of the Mac evangelism of Brett Snyder.

Mac Magic Mouse – because I need a mouse.

Legal Pad – doing double duty as a mousepad.

Pilot G-2 Pen – discovery from my Nebo days.


Nalgene – Bing branded because digital hipster (and it was conference SWAG).

SMS Audio STREET by 50 Headphones – because they are better than Beats & I work from home with noise-cancelling headphones.

I also lived in/around Athens, GA for 15 years. So when I found a Jittery Joe’s open in downtown Atlanta…I feel the need to walk there for midday coffee.

Everything is sitting on a basic IKEA desk and with an IKEA Torkel swivel chair. The double windows provide the pleasantness.

Since the photo, I’ve added –

ASUS VS248H-P 24″ Full HD Monitor – for additional workroom and for screencasts/videos. The Mac retina display is great for viewing, but horrible to get a standard 1080 HD screencast.

Laptop Stand – to raise and angle my laptop to eye-level so I’m not doing the hunch all day.

Solar Keyboard – to type since my laptop is raised up.

Blue Yeti Microphone – it sits on the floor, but I use it for podcasts and screencasts.

Since my team is in Delhi and I work with contractors and contributors remotely, the office doesn’t have to be client-facing. It just has to work. And thus far it’s doing quite well.

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