4 Notes About Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery

4 Notes About Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery 1

Oakland Cemetery is one of Atlanta’s best places. It is owned by the City and maintained in partnership with the Oakland Cemetery Foundation.

Victorian Garden Cemetery

The Cemetery was founded before 1860 back during the Victorian era, so the layout and etiquette was established back then. And during the Victorian era, cemeteries doubled as public gardens. People used them like we use our parks today. And even today, Oakland is basically another public park. I love running through, picnicking, and walking through.

Most Photogenic Park Outside of Savannah

4 Notes About Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery 2

I’ll grant that Savannah, and many southern cities have photogenic parks. Oaks and magnolias are perfect settings for a good cemetery. But.

Oakland Cemetery has many of them beat. It’s old. But it’s also from a prosperous city where rich folks have built from awesome mausoleums. The cemetery has an amazing visitor center, well maintained paths, and is in the middle of a huge city.

The contrasts of the skyscapers, nearby subway, and old cemetery statues near huge magnolias is just incredible.

The Cemetery Doubles As an Arboretum

Even though a lot of old trees were toppled by a tornado in 2009, Oakland Cemetery still has a huge number of species inside the brick walls. It is lovely year round with lots of color and wildlife.

The Gravestones Are Epic

4 Notes About Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery 3

Some are funny, some are sobering, all are very cool to observe.

If you are in Atlanta, it’s worth a stop. It’s free and peaceful and absolutely worthwhile. And if you are an Atlantan, be sure to check out the Foundation and the upcoming events.

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