3 Reasons Why Namecheap Is Underrated

3 Reasons Why Namecheap Is Underrated 1

I have been using Namecheap for more than 10 years now. I buy all of my domain names there, and I’ve used so many of their other services like hosting, email, logomaker, etc.


In business, too many companies are focused on marketshare, pivoting, and scaling at the expense of…well, everything. So far, Namecheap has resisted that temptation. They’ve grown a lot since I first started using them. But it’s been organic and incremental – and all for the best. That’s a big deal for a company where I’m entrusting my domain name.


In an industry where discounts, lock-ins, and cross-sells are the name of the game, Namecheap has stuck with their overall pricing strategy. Sure, they offer discounts and they pitch cross-sells. But they don’t do hard lock-ins and they focus on keeping a sustainably low price over the long-term. I’ve never been surprised at my renewal price. Their prices have been low – and stayed low.


I love, love their user interface. It’s clear, simple, and direct. It’s not too tech-ie, but it’s also not too simplified. Most of my work is DIY so it’s important to get in and get out. Namecheap excels at that. They also know their place. There’s no constant pulling me back to the platform to make another purchase. I come back organically.

They have their own tradeoffs. There’s no phone support and I wish I could get free LetsEncrypt SSLs through their hosting platform. But, for 10+ years of working in the website industry, they are the only company I’ve stuck with.

I have a referral deal with Namecheap to help defray the costs of this website at no cost to you. They did not pay for this post, but they do pay if they know I sent you.

If you are thinking about getting a domain name or setting up a website, click this link to explore their current specials.

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